About us

Welcome to DFW M&M OASIS

Manscaping is not just about shaving your body hair. It's about looking and feeling great. It's about hygiene and keeping you clean and neat. Manscaping is also about taking pride in your appearance and being the best version of yourself you can be. Why is manscaping important? One of the biggest complaints you'll hear women say about men is that men are not clean. It's true, a man is a big, furry, smelly creature in his natural habitat. But, you don't have to be, and DIY is fine for arts and crafts or caulking a tub. But when it comes to removing body hair with a drugstore depilatory at home is not something you would take matters into your own hands. You"ll likely end up in blood, sweat, and a nasty rash. Here at DFW M&M we are experts at waxing, trimming and can help with the removal or shaving of hair on a man's body for hygienic and cosmetic effect on any part of your body.

What We Do

We are a full day spa, specializing in manscaping and massage. Our staff provides excellence in service by helping you determine the best services for your needs and deliver the kind of quality and value you can only get from a trained professional. What makes our service unique is that we offer a professional body waxing and trimming technique using top of the line products that leave your skin soft, smooth, and hair free. We pay close attention to detail and provide meticulous work. Check out our complete service menu to get a feel for what we do.

At DFW WM Oasis is a waxing and hair removal spa center located in Dallas, TX. We offer superior waxing formulas for your waxing needs. We use two top quality hard and soft wax that will leave you with soft and smooth skin. We also performed trimming services to our clients that have sensitivity due to waxing. Our waxing esthetician always wears gloves to provide a clean and sanitary waxing environment.

We are licensed Esthetician and waxing specialists with an extensive background in waxing and hair removal.